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Some can choose to make lifestyle changes, and some must make lifestyle changes. I live with auto-immune and chronic Lyme disease; for my health and my happiness I had to make change. I get it. I live it. Let me guide you on the path from where you are now, to where you want to be. 

I get it,
I live it.

about Susan

I believe that people shouldn't just accept that they are burnt out or have to live life in a state of stress. 
I know that you can live feeling good, manage your daily stress, increase energy and eat and live in a way that fits your body's needs. All this, while having time for yourself, your family and friends.  
So many of us go day to day thinking that the way we feel or get through the day is "just life". It can be so much more. You can feel good, sleep better, and just create a balance to your day to day. Let me show you how. 

- Susan

the path to the true you.

about us

Wake up each day feeling refreshed and well-rested

make yourself a priority - without guilt

discover the foods that work for your body - and the ones that don't

Be Able to clearly read your body's signals - Mind body awareness

reduce or eliminate brain fog, bloating, inflammation and digestive issues

Learn to recognize and manage your stress; create balance

Take control of those pesky cravings and emotional attachments to foods

find your healthy weight and have the tools to maintain it

... and so much more!!

Life Balance

"This is about so much more than food, it is about finding a balance to your life. no matter who you are, this is something everyone should do for themselves."


“Following a traumatic accident in which I lost the love of my life, I gained 50 pounds in the blink of an eye. I had generally been eating well prior to this event and completely lost any semblance of sanity related to my general health and wellness. Susan agreed to take me on as a client and painstakingly suffered through the first six months in which I got my head right. She was tenacious without judgement and compassionate while urging me in the right direction. Had it not been for the accountability of biweekly meetings and how attentive she is, I’m sure I’d have gained another 50 instead of maintaining. I happily signed up for a second period with Susan. I look forward to the learning and more visible results this time around. So thankful for Susan’s caring support during the single most awful time of my life. She got me back to caring about my health and wellness so I can be here for my daughter. That is worth everything. Susan gets my highest recommendation. She gets it.”

– Staci

“My top three goals for the 6-month program were feeling better, losing weight, and learning how and what foods work together to help make me healthy and feel good. I would describe Susan as kind, knowledgeable, energized, organized, sincere, helpful and detailed. A wonderful person inside and out. You’re the best!! The biggest overall change I have noticed has been my attitude, emotions, strength and weight. I am becoming a different person—in a good way. My emotions aren’t all over the place, which helps me have a better attitude. And I believe that has helped the weight come off. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It’s amazing to be able to notice how different foods can affect you so quickly after you start the program. And it’s really not a program, it is a lifestyle change that you won’t ever want to change again because this works!"



I love working with Individual, Family, Pairs and Custom Group Sessions!

Contact Susan to get started and ask
 about payment plans! 

Learn and implement effective, proven strategies for eating, mindset, and stress management. 
Includes a individual stress assessment! 




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Six, 60-Min Sessions, Bi-Weekly
Includes all Materials, Cookbook & Access as the 6 Month Individual Program Above




$750 total, Current Re-Launch Special $600

$1500 total, current re-launch special $1200


Twelve, 60-Min Sessions, Bi-Weekly
Cookbook to Jumpstart Meal Planning
Binder to Organize Session Materials
Personal Journal
Bi-Weekly Handouts, Focused on Clients Individual Goals & Needs
Additional Books & Materials Coach Feels Would Benefit the Client 
Anytime Access to Coach via Facebook, Email & Phone
Granted Access to Client Only Facebook Page for Additional Tips, Recipes & Support
Personal Stress Assessment 

Awaken Your Limitless Potential : Apeiron Epigenetics Testing & Reporting

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This option includes: Apeiron *testing kit, report and 1 hour reading for up to 3 panels. Additional session is recommended for 3 panels.

$400 for 1 Panel
$100 for each additional panel

Epigenetics ONLY


* 23andMe raw data can be used, discuss with Susan if you have already had this test performed. The $150 cost for the Apeiron testing kit is included in the pricing above.

* Coaching added to Individual Coaching Program

Current Available Panels: Sleep, Nutrition, Supplementation
$300 for 1 Panel
$450 for 3 Panels

Holiday Pricing for Epigenetics Panels

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One Panel $375
Three Panels $600
Additional Panel $200

One Panel $475
Three Panels $750
Additional Panel $250

Coaching Clients

New Clients



Give the gift of health this year!
Whether this is for you or someone you love, make the choice to awaken LIMITLESS potential.  

If you are interested in Six panels, Ask Susan about her current specials!

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