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My name is Susan Robbins. I believe that people shouldn’t just exist through life, but truly thrive beyond their wildest imagination.
As one living with chronic Lyme disease and autoimmune conditions, I never accepted “just getting by”. I wanted to live a full, healthy quality of life. I began with nutrition, lifestyle, stress management and was seeing results I was happy with; but I still suffered with major sleep issues, and more, that kept me from fully thriving. Bringing epigenetics into my own life was the key. I discovered so many things about myself and my body that I was unaware of and I thought I’d been spot-on for years! Information is powerful! We don’t know what we don’t know about ourselves! I continue to work with my epigenetics and honing my diet. 

I get it,
I live it.

about Susan

Certified Aperion Precision Epigenetics Coach
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Certified Stress Management Coach

I’M SLEEPING and discovered the “whys” of some of the things I’d been experiencing. I’m also witnessing these changes in my clients. I’m in my 50’s and feel better than I did in my 20’s.
You too can feel great, sleep better, create balance in your life. Let me show you how. Energize. Empower. Thrive.

- Susan

the path to the true you.

about us

Apeiron offers a unique genetic test kit that is NOT direct to consumer. Your information is private and secure. It is not kept, shared, or sold to any other organization. This is our promise to you. Apeiron’s proprietary array is the only genetic testing currently available that has been used in a clinical model for validation of the power of precision epigenetic lifestyle modifications. Our array looks at over 760,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms and we report only those variances that can be modified through actionable lifestyle strategies. These powerful epigenetic lifestyle modulators are delivered through our certified coaches to assist you to take the reins of destiny to enhance your health and wellbeing.
No more guessing or the “one-size fits all” model. Now is your time to harness the power of your genetic code so you can access your limitless potential to thrive! Thanks for joining me in the pursuit of limitless human expression! I look forward to partnering with you.

The Process is Simple
1. It’s as easy as a cheek swab with the Apron Genetic Array test kit. The results take 2-3 weeks. (Raw data from 23andMe can also be used)

2. Meet with me (in-person or virtual) to review your optimization blueprint.

3. Receive your personalized report with all my interpretations and recommendations specifically for YOU

4. 45-minute coaching session to get you started on implementation of recommendations, address and additional questions. 

To put it simply, epigenetics is how our lifestyle and environment affect how our genes express. It is the information from the environment of our daily life, such as foods we eat, thoughts we think, how we sleep, stress, even products we clean with and put on our skin. 
I work with you to optimize your individual genetic blueprint and the propensities you carry. Your genes are the hardware, your lifestyle and environment are the software. We can program the hardware with the proper software to dial up strengths and dial down weaknesses. This allows truly precision coaching. 
By working with your genetic blueprint, we find the foods that work with your body, not against it. Implementation of stress management, sleep, proper supplementation, and lifestyle changes come together to optimize your overall quality of life. Your genetics don’t determine your destiny, but your lifestyle and environment surely play a significant part in how your genetics express for you and generations to follow. 
We don’t know what we don’t know about our bodies…and knowledge is empowering. I believe we are truly limitless when given the proper information, support, accountability, and tools for success. Learn to make yourself a priority and thrive, not just survive. 
What are your limitless possibilities?

what is epigenetics

The aperion Difference

Make Yourself a Priority

"Susan is an amazing support system and a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, keeping a positive attitude and managing your streSs."


“Following a traumatic accident in which I lost the love of my life, I gained 50 pounds in the blink of an eye. I had generally been eating well prior to this event and completely lost any semblance of sanity related to my general health and wellness. Susan agreed to take me on as a client and painstakingly suffered through the first six months in which I got my head right. She was tenacious without judgement and compassionate while urging me in the right direction. Had it not been for the accountability of biweekly meetings and how attentive she is, I’m sure I’d have gained another 50 instead of maintaining. I happily signed up for a second period with Susan. I look forward to the learning and more visible results this time around. So thankful for Susan’s caring support during the single most awful time of my life. She got me back to caring about my health and wellness so I can be here for my daughter. That is worth everything. Susan gets my highest recommendation. She gets it.”

– Staci

"Susan found I have a rare genetic condition that has a huge impact on my diet. This long term problem has been resolved. She did an awesome job at drilling down and figuring this out. Highly recommend!"


“My top three goals for the 6-month program were feeling better, losing weight, and learning how and what foods work together to help make me healthy and feel good. I would describe Susan as kind, knowledgeable, energized, organized, sincere, helpful and detailed. A wonderful person inside and out. You’re the best!! The biggest overall change I have noticed has been my attitude, emotions, strength and weight. I am becoming a different person—in a good way. My emotions aren’t all over the place, which helps me have a better attitude. And I believe that has helped the weight come off. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It’s amazing to be able to notice how different foods can affect you so quickly after you start the program. And it’s really not a program, it is a lifestyle change that you won’t ever want to change again because this works!"


"Susan is not your typical health coach. SO many health coaches I have met and spoken to in the past come across as diet and working out is the only way. Susan has shown me this is not the case. She has shown me a better way of eating for MY body, a better way to lower MY daily stress in a way that fits MY needs. Susan has shown me that even though I am a busy mom, business owner and live with two different autoimmune diseases; that I can feel good again. Make time for ME so that I am a better mom, wife, boss, friend, etc

I have to tell you I didn't see how I was going to get my energy back or have any sense of a normal life again. Susan works her program to fit you, you are not expected to fit into some pre-made mold. We are all different and have different needs. Susan sees that and works with you to help you get back to the best you, you can be. The true you."
-Amber S.


In Person and Virtual Sessions

Contact Susan to get started and ask
 about payment plans! 

Learn and implement effective, proven strategies for eating, mindset, and stress management. 
Includes a individual stress assessment! 



6 Month INDIVIDUAL with 3 Panel Epigenetics

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Six, 60-Min Sessions, Bi-Weekly
Includes all Materials, Cookbook & Access as the 6 Month Individual Program Above

3 MONTH INDIVIDUAL WITH 3 Panel Epigenetics



Twelve, 60-Min Sessions, Bi-Weekly
Cookbook to Jumpstart Meal Planning
Binder to Organize Session Materials
Personal Journal
Bi-Weekly Handouts, Focused on Clients Individual Goals & Needs
Additional Books & Materials Coach Feels Would Benefit the Client 
Anytime Access to Coach via Facebook, Email & Phone
Granted Access to Client Only Facebook Page for Additional Tips, Recipes & Support
Personal Stress Assessment 

12 MONTH INDIVIDUAL WITH 3 Panel Epigenetics 

Eighteen, 60-Min Sessions, Bi-Weekly
Includes all Materials, Cookbook & Access as the 6 Month Individual Program Above

Awaken Your Limitless Potential : Apeiron Epigenetics Testing & Reporting

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This option includes:
Apeiron *testing kit
30 Minute Review Consult 
Additional 45 Minute Follow up Coaching Session

Individual Additional Panels can be added

Epigenetics ONLY 3 PANEL


* 23andMe raw data can be used, discuss with Susan if you have already had this test performed.        The $150 cost for the Apeiron testing kit is included in the pricing above.

Current Available Panels: Sleep, Nutrition, Supplementation

Ask about discounts for 1st Responders & Veterans

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