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Maybe you’ve been following me for a while, or maybe you just found me today. Wherever you are in life, the conversation I had with Dr. Amie Hornaman on The Thyroid Fixer podcast will help you hit that next level!

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PLUS, I recently appeared on a fantastic episode of Close Up Radio with Jim Masters

I began applying the Shae recommendations, and in a month I was down 11 pounds! My energy was high and consistent. My thyroid stabilized. After dropping the weight and fat, I changed my fitness goal to gaining muscle mass. In 6 weeks I gained 3 pounds of lean muscle. My athletic performance was drastically improving. And I was 55 years old! It wasn’t only about food and fitness (although they are the top two priorities for the Activator body.) I learned about how I was created in ALL ways! Why I am driven to live where I live. Note that I am in Colorado for the activities and outdoors. I also saw that altitude is very taxing to my body, which I have absolutely seen. I am a very direct communicator, which I used to try and hold back…not anymore…it’s part of who I am! My huge need for connection, which some had told me “get over it,” when I lamented about lack of connection. I was so blown away that I had to bring this to my clients. I became an endorsed coach in February 2021, and added corporate coaching, ShaeWellness, to my credentials in late 2021.  

I found that combining the Shae platform with the DNA…game-changer. You simply cannot get more information on how you were created to take you onto the right path to optimal health and wellness. My struggles lead me to where I am now, and why I have such a passion for helping my clients eliminate the guesswork and know exactly what it takes for their body and life to fully thrive.

I get it,
because I live it.

Certified Level 2 Apeiron Performance Epigenetic Coach

Endorsed ph360 Coach/Precision
Health Alliance (PHA)

PHA 2023 Coach of the Year

Endorsed ShaeWellness Corporate Wellness Coach

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Hi, i'm SUSAN

Becoming knowledgeable about my body is what has literally saved my life more than once.

We truly don’t know how good we can feel until we feel great!

In late 2020, I was introduced to another epigenetic platform based in Australia, Shae technology via Precision Health Alliance (formerly known as ph360.) This was not a DNA platform, so I was immediately skeptical and hesitant to try it. I mean, how could it create an epigenetic profile for you if there was no DNA? I was, however, committed to trying it. I was injured at the time, carrying extra bodyfat/weight, and tired quite often, which negatively affected my CrossFit workouts. My coach, Dr Cam McDonald, and I met for my first session. He asked how I felt, and I relayed all that information to him. He then asked when I was eating breakfast. I told him I’d been intermittent fasting for about a year. Hey, it was what the “experts” were saying was the best thing ever- for everyone! Cam said, “Susan, you are an Activator (my HealthType,) made for movement, and should be stoking your fire (eating) 5-6 times a day.” I balked at first (a common Activator trait!) After that session I decided I better actually USE this platform and see what it’s really about.  

eliminate the guesswork and know exactly what it takes for your body and life to fully thrive

Crossfit 2021

Beginning of Shae journey, 11/2020

Susan in her flow, 2024!

Enjoying the journey...

I was not always the fit and healthy person you see today, in either appearance or on the inside. I made poor food and lifestyle choices when I was younger, not knowing the massive impact it would have on me later in life. I began dieting at the age of 12, and vividly remember the first as the Scarsdale Diet. I was very active, but overweight as a kid, and tried every diet just to look like everyone else. What you will read in this bio, is my journey of how I came to embrace “FITTING OUT.” Living according to how I was created- my authentic self- instead of living inauthentically to be accepted.

Before it all began, 2003.

Not surprisingly, if I did get result from any of the fad diets I tried, it surely didn’t last or leave me feeling great. 2010 was when everything came to a head. It was during this time we found autoimmune issues, leaky gut. I had many other symptoms that 7 years later would show were Lyme Disease. I was a hot mess, as the frustration added stress, turning me into what I call, “Fix-it mode.” You know, where you are focusing on what’s wrong and trying to fix it. Of course, this leads to having to continually fix things! I was also a police officer, carrying a tremendous amount of stress. It was at this time, researching how to deal with these issues, that I discovered the Paleo diet. It made sense to me, so I jumped in. I quickly felt better, but not great. I had been living sub-optimally for so long, that I didn’t know what it was like to feel amazing! We truly don’t know how good we can feel until we feel great! I had a taste of feeling so good, that it began my quest—my journey—to optimal health. And through this journey I discovered a passion to help others also find answers to their wellness questions.

With that, in 2016 I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN,) to become a Holistic Health Coach. Throughout my health struggles I had lost so much trust in western medicine that I decided to become my own best medical advocate! Who knew my body better than me? Every specicialist I saw, and there were a lot, never looked for the “why,” just threw more meds at me, which created more of the toxic fix-it mode. Becoming knowledgeable about my body is what has literally saved my life more than once.

I decided to retire early from law enforcement and pursue my coaching passion full-time. Coincidentally, I graduated from IIN the day I retired, in 2016. I began seeing clients full-time at Healthy Awakening, many of them with autoimmune conditions. While my clients were experiencing fantastic results, I wanted more for them, and myself as a high-performance individual. In spring on 2019, I had a horrible Lyme flare, heavy metal toxicity, and I was frustrated, downright miserable. I didn’t sleep, was fatigued, looked like hell, and my athletic performance was suffering. I thought I had the perfect diet down-pat, stress management, supplements…what the hell?!  

I found Apeiron Zoh at the Paleo Fx Conference in April. This was where my entire life changed, both business and personally. Being adopted, I really had no clue what might have been lurking in my genetics, and was intrigued to see if the lifestyle I was living was taking me in the right directions. Apeiron was DNA testing. I was amazed at the information I received. I had some great genetics, and some not-so-great, that were expressing. I couldn’t believe that the coconut oil and collagen I touted for myself and all clients was not right for ME! My beliefs I held for nearly 10 years began to change. This was the next level I had sought for myself and clients, so I became a Level 1 Coach in 2019, and Level 2 in 2020. Epigenetics fascinated me! I immediately brought it to my clients. I thought, wow, people truly don’t know what they don’t know about themselves, and energy is so empowering!

"Susan is an amazing support system and a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, keeping a positive attitude and managing your stress."

- Jake P.

"Susan is not your typical health coach. SO many health coaches I have met and spoken to in the past come across as diet and working out is the only way. Susan has shown me this is not the case. She has shown me a better way of eating for MY body, a better way to lower MY daily stress in a way that fits MY needs. Susan has shown me that even though I am a busy mom, business owner and live with two different autoimmune diseases; that I can feel good again. Make time for ME so that I am a better mom, wife, boss, friend, etc

I have to tell you I didn't see how I was going to get my energy back or have any sense of a normal life again. Susan works her program to fit you, you are not expected to fit into some pre-made mold. We are all different and have different needs. Susan sees that and works with you to help you get back to the best you, you can be. The true you."

- Amber S.

“My top three goals for the 6-month program were feeling better, losing weight, and learning how and what foods work together to help make me healthy and feel good. I would describe Susan as kind, knowledgeable, energized, organized, sincere, helpful and detailed. A wonderful person inside and out. You’re the best!! The biggest overall change I have noticed has been my attitude, emotions, strength and weight. I am becoming a different person—in a good way. My emotions aren’t all over the place, which helps me have a better attitude. And I believe that has helped the weight come off. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It’s amazing to be able to notice how different foods can affect you so quickly after you start the program. And it’s really not a program, it is a lifestyle change that you won’t ever want to change again because this works!"

- Michelle

"Susan found I have a rare genetic condition that has a huge impact on my diet. This long term problem has been resolved. She did an awesome job at drilling down and figuring this out. Highly recommend!"

- Chris H.

“Following a traumatic accident in which I lost the love of my life, I gained 50 pounds in the blink of an eye. I had generally been eating well prior to this event and completely lost any semblance of sanity related to my general health and wellness. Susan agreed to take me on as a client and painstakingly suffered through the first six months in which I got my head right. She was tenacious without judgement and compassionate while urging me in the right direction. Had it not been for the accountability of biweekly meetings and how attentive she is, I’m sure I’d have gained another 50 instead of maintaining. I happily signed up for a second period with Susan. I look forward to the learning and more visible results this time around. So thankful for Susan’s caring support during the single most awful time of my life. She got me back to caring about my health and wellness so I can be here for my daughter. That is worth everything. Susan gets my highest recommendation. She gets it.”

– Staci

"If you are considering working with Susan in any of her programs: stop considering and start today. I only worked with Susan for a month before I started to see results, both physical and mental. I met Susan through my functional medicine doctor, Amie Hornaman, and began working with her to support optimizing my thyroid with her PH360 program coaching. But, she has turned out to help me in ways I have never imagined. I joke with Susan that she is more like a psychic than a coach, or that her coaching is akin to magic -- because that is what it feels like. She is honest yet kind, smart and knowledgeable yet patient, and highly accessible. I have been on a diet and exercise program for the last eight years, of my own design. It worked great, for a while. Then it stopped working. When I presented with autoimmune conditions, I needed more targeted support. That is exactly what Susan has provided me. When I shared my health improvements with my husband, he was sold and started working with Susan as a health coach on his own. Her coaching, PH360, and DNA programs have helped our family in a myriad of ways, and even my preteen wants to get on board with Susan because they are seeing the health results in us as their parents."

– Adrienne S.

"Susan really helped me fill in the gaps for my overall health blueprint. Very knowledgeable and such a fantastic coach, I highly recommend Susan for anyone interested in learning more about their body and trying to improve their health and wellbeing. Thank you, Susan!"

– Jason

Feel great, sleep better, create balance in your life using specific actions that work with your genetic code. Let me show you how.