A personalized path to integrating YOUR GENETICS, FOOD & lifestyle

  • 40% Reduction in anxiety & depression risk scores
  • Positive mental health changes in 85-90% of participants
  • Clinically relevant improvements in body composition
  • Clinically significant improvements in chronic disease risk factors
  • Improvements in sleep, energy levels & motivation at work


We are proudly partnered with Fitch Consulting to provide a range of health consulting advice to corporate organizations, schools, gyms, parents and individuals to optimize work and home environments for high performing teams and healthy communities.
The approach is based on the biology of the individual, personalizing their health to their unique body to support them in finding optimal health. The team at Fitch Consulting is well known for their personalized warm and positive approach to health and wellbeing.

Our personalized services

  • Unique Leadership & Engaging the Workforce
  • Increased Team Morale and Cohesion
  • Productivity Optimization
  • Improve Stress & Anxiety
  • Biological Communications
  • Relationships/Social & Emotional Wellbeing
  • Workplace Resilience
  • Personalized Fitness & Nutrition

In general, corporate health and wellness programs deployed in both private and government organizations use a generic, ‘one-size-fits-all’, approach. Current health and medical literature report a 25-60% non-responder rate for physical and mental health interventions. In practical terms, almost half of employees engaged in a generic program, even if they apply the advice provided, are unlikely to gain clinical or meaningful benefit.
The unique nature of what we provide is the understanding of the biological individuality of each person in your organization. This then allows provision of precise support and guidance relevant to each person based on the understanding of their gene expression;

Choose the right solution for your business

How personalizing your health can help build a lifestyle


When you understand how your body functions, what stresses it, what calms it, the foods it likes and dislikes, sleep patterns, when it’s close to burn out, how hormones affect it and how your brain works etc.. then you can make the right changes to maintain an optimal state of health. 

We would like to invite you to a discovery session with one of our Leading Health Consultants. We will provide the scientific background, relevant results and important implications for the application of personalized leadership, health and wellness in your organization.

Studies show results in 30 days