A personalized path to integrating YOUR GENETICS, FOOD & lifestyle

What is the biggest issue concerning your health and wellness that brings you here today?

If you don’t make changes, where do you see yourself in the future?

Is there anything stopping your from conquering the issue you’re looking to address?

Things to think about...

1. Is epigenetic coaching covered by insurance?
At this time, insurance does not cover coaching.However, I do accept HSA cards, as many clients choose to pay this way.

2. What payment methods do you accept?
Credit cards and bank withdrawals via Square invoicing, Zelle, Venmo, Paypal are methods of payment I accept.

3. Is this a weight loss program?
Healthy Awakening Epigenetic Coaching is not a “weight loss program.” However, most clients see weight loss as a result of implementing healthy habits specific to their genetics.

4. Do we have in-person sessions?
All coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom, allowing convenience of scheduling and the ability to coach anyone, regardless of geographic location.

5. Are there required shakes, supplements or other things needed to purchase for your programs?
No. There may be supplement recommendations per your DNA, but no required purchases.

6. Are you able to communicate with my health care provider if requested?
Absolutely! I lovecollaborating with my clients’ providers. I find that when you have a team working together foryou, it is always to your benefit! I recommend to clients that they communicate our work withtheir provider(s.)

7. Epigenetic "Human Performance" Coach...that's intimidating. Do you only work with athletic performance?
No I work with everyone! Human performance relates to how your body works in all areas, including mind and body. And, for optimal wellness and quality of life, not just athletic performance. For some athletic performance is crucial, for others it is not. My programs are completely personalized as are my clients' goals.

8. Is the DNA a blood test?
No. DNA is a cheek swab, and the Shae platform will only require a tape measure.

9. Do you diagnose or treat medical conditions?
I do not. I am an epigenetic coach, not a healthcare practitioner. However, many conditions can be helped with the implementation of changes that your body requires for optimal health.
10. You are located in Colorado. Do I have to travel there to see you?
You sure don’t! All of my coaching is done remotely, via Zoom! Therefore I can work with anyone, located anywhere in the world…and do! It makes it convenient for both parties, and is as effective as meeting in person.