Summer is Here! 12 Camping Foods You Must Pack

Summer Is here, and that means camping season is in full swing.  I talk to so many people who think they can’t eat healthy food while camping.  I’m here to tell you that you can!  And it’s easy!

In May, my boyfriend, TJ, and I went on a 10 day roadtrip.  Montana, Colorado, and Utah.  The 4 days of camping was at the end of the trip, in Moab—the Utah desert.  We purchased a small, tabletop gas grill to take along.  What we ate was so easy, and wonderful, that we did it again for our 4th of July camping trip.  The other campers in that group coordinated their food, and we brought our own, as having multiple food allergies and sensitivities makes it difficult for me to eat the standard American diet that most others prepare, particularly for camping trips.  Each day and night we cooked on our little grill, campers would come by to see our “gourmet food.” And, it was just as easy to cook as their burgers and dogs!  So, I thought I’d share what has become our camping go-to’s.  I will also tell you that TJ has lost 40 pounds by eating whole foods and ditching the junk!  It’s great to have that support, and if you’re struggling with that, just have them try your food, because it’s definitely NOT lacking in flavor!  Note that we do not have a camper; we tent camp.

Ok, here are some great ideas for your camping trip:


Chicken Thighs

Yes, thighs, not breasts.  They are so much juicier, with really wonderful flavor.  Not dry at all. For grilling, we prefer the skin on, bone-in.  Freeze them prior to the trip, and they will defrost in the cooler.  Sprinkle with some garlic powder, celtic  or pink Himalyan salt, pepper.  Toss them on the grill.  BBQ sauce is your choice.  If you choose to use, find one without sugar or corn syrup.  Better yet, make your own, which is what we do! This is our favorite. Delicious, whether you eat paleo or not.  It’s from Mickey Trescott’s book and website, which I love.   I take extra thighs to have the next day for lunch!

Cooking Essentials

Avocado oil is what we like.  Celtic sea salt.  I put into a tightly sealed container for travel.  Pepper.  Garlic powder, because who doesn’t love garlic on everything?!

Wild Caught Salmon Filets

We found some at the farmer’s market here.  They catch them in Alaska, portion, vacuum pack and sell them individually.  We’ve also used the wild caught salmon, frozen, from Costco.  Again, freeze before leaving and they’ll be ready to cook when you’re ready for them.  Rub on a little oil, sprinkle with the sea salt and garlic powder, pepper, grill away!

Sweet Potatoes

I pierce, wrap in foil, and either put on the grill to cook about 45 mins before your meat, or I’ve also put them on the campfire and cooked them that way.  Great hot, or the following day at breakfast or lunch, cold.

Sausage Patties

I can’t say enough about these EASY sausage patties from Brianna at “He Won’t Know It’s Paleo,” and Autoimmune Paleo cookbook and blog.  The recipe calls for ground pork, but we find no flavor difference by using ground chicken THIGHS or ground turkey.  Make these and pre-cook, then put into a baggie.  All you have to do is reheat on the grill.  Fabulous.  We double the recipe so there are enough patties for two breakfasts.e

Check Out This Recpie>

Fresh Berries

Cherries, whatever fruit you enjoy.  Great for snacking, on salad greens, or with breakfast.  Put into a container or baggie so they don’t get mushy when the ice begins to melt in the cooler.

Organic Salad Greens

We purchase a big container of greens.  Pre-wash, put in a baggie, and how simple is that to put on a paper plate at mealtime?


Those who know me know this was coming:  Bacon.  Ohhhh….bacon on a grill….need I say more?  A good, organic uncured bacon.


Whether you prefer grass-fed beef, bison, turkey, your choice.  Pre-make the patties, put into a Ziploc baggie the night before, and into the cooler they’ll go.  We don’t eat gluten, so we nix the buns.  They eat just as well with a plastic knife and fork!


On burgers, salads, or make guacamole the day before.  We love to make guacamole and take pork rinds or Jackson’s Honest sweet potato chips, which are cooked in coconut oil and delicious, for dipping in the guac.


Yes, you can eat your veggies on a camp trip!  We love broccolini, asparagus, but you can choose any veggies!  Just pre-wash and cut, put into Ziploc.  To cook on the grill, place on foil, add a little oil, salt, pepper, garlic, close in the foil “tent” to steam them.  Just make sure you give the pouch a shake here and there while they’re cooking.  I like to eat the leftover veggies, when there are any, with breakfast or lunch the next day.

Paleo Granola

Grain free deliciousness, and perfect for snacking or taking on hikes or whatever your outdoor passion.  I will warn you:  This stuff is SO good, that you should pack into small baggies to prevent you from downing the batch at one sitting!  This is my favorite recipe, and you can experiment with your favorite nuts, dried fruit.  Note: be careful here, as dried fruits are loaded with sugar.  Make sure to buy unsweetened and not with added vegetable oils.  I love dried, unsweetened tart cherries and blueberries. Play around with the recipe and have fun with it!  You also may not need the full amount of honey.   Oatmeal

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